Friday I'm in Love

Remember that song by The Cure? That early 90s, iconic hit continues to inspire love, freedom, and a sense that anything is possible.

For years, I would have to force myself to get out of bed every morning, and as I did, I would remind myself of the day of the week hoping it was Friday or better yet Saturday. Oh, it's Tuesday... okay I still have three more days to go. The days of the week each meant something: Mondays were "ugh, it's Monday, already." Tuesdays were like a second chance to do things better, if Monday didn't go well. Wednesdays were always a day of indifference - hey, at least it's not Monday, but then again it's not Friday either. Thursdays would get my heart rate up. Maybe I'd have an extraordinary dinner date with friends or would do away with the healthy dinner plan at the last minute in favor of going out on the town with my husband. Thursdays gave me permission to let my guard down, relax, and start transitioning to my real self - just in time for the weekend. Not that I wasn't my real self earlier in the week. I was just me, behind a mask. The mask helped me manage routine without a purpose, politics, and obligatory duties that didn't align with my authentic self. Then alas, Friday would come. The big day. When you have all your expectations riding on 'that big day', it's easy to be let down. Small things like laundry and grocery shopping get in the way.

The truth is life is a series of small, ordinary events. We hear that all the time and it's true. The problem is that when you are really looking forward to your days off, you want them to be great and momentous, and you get really disappointed when they are boring and don't live up to their fullest potential.

Since taking the plunge to pursue what makes me truly happy personally and professionally, the days of waking up and immediately associating my feelings with whatever day of the week it happens to be are long gone. Now, I wake up wondering what my day has in store for me. Yes, I have set meetings and commitments, and I still do the laundry and grocery shopping, but I decide when and how these events happen. Some days when I'm out and about, I have to ask someone 'what day is today?' This is really amusing to me, like when you are on vacation and lose track of the date because there's no need to keep track - anything goes. I guess it's because now, every day feels like a Friday. I wake up with excitement - this feeling that something amazing is about to happen and it's just around the corner. 

What if every day was like a Friday? What would you be doing? How would it be different from how you spend your days now? If you find yourself playing the days of the week game as I used to do, and are just dying for Friday to come, I invite you to live tomorrow like it were a Friday. You just might find yourself feeling more playful and free. Be free. Play with the deck you've been handed or work hard so you can trade it in for one that gives you happiness and fulfillment.