Compassionate, Creative, Intuitive, Multicultural

I've made several career and life transitions - continuous learning and reinvention are at my core. I know the fear and uncertainty that comes with making a change. I've navigated many iterations of myself and have explored different identities (dancer, theater actress, recruiter, manager, leader, coach, wife, and dog-mom, to name a few. There were times when I had no clue what I was doing, but decided to take that leap into the unknown anyway. It isn't easy and I had a lot of help along the way. Being coached and coaching others has helped me grow and appreciate fully who I am and what I do best.  It has helped me push through paralyzing fear so I could experience amazing opportunities. Coaching has helped me experience my world with greater depth and meaning. 

Credentials + Training

  • Over fifteen years of experience in coaching, recruitment, talent development, and leading teams in academic, private, and non-profit organizations
  • Certified in Positive Psychology Health and Wellness Coaching from Wellcoaches, Inc. (partnered with Harvard Medical School's Institute of Coaching and the American College of Sports Medicine)
  • 5 Dynamics Certified Instructor - Human Performance System for Individuals and Teams
  • Ombudsman Training Certificate
  • BA in Theater Arts, Acting
  • Royal Academy of Dance

Fun Facts

I can wiggle my ears | I am an extrovert, but value time for solitude and reflection | I am obsessed with books and journals | Hawaii is my #1 place in the world |  I volunteer with Grateful Dogs Rescue and serve as Board President for Young Audiences of Northern California | Personality tests reveal I am a risk taker | I am a former first-chair clarinetist | I have never seen E.T. | I have arachnophobia | I could eat Mexican food every day | Cheese is my not-so-secret addiction | Performing in the musical Hair was a life highlight | Skydiving and traveling the world is on my bucket list | Favorite all time TV show - Seinfeld!