Compassionate | Creative | Intuitive | Multicultural

I have made significant career and personal transitions, and I know the excitement, fear, and uncertainty that comes with making a change. I have navigated many iterations of myself and explored different identities along the way. There were times when I had no idea what the next step would be and all I had to go on was my strong sense that I was meant to be contributing in a more meaningful way. It isn't easy to uproot the way we’ve been operating, even when we know we must in order to grow. Having the support of mentors and coaches, and coaching others has helped me to grow and fully appreciate who I am and what I do best.  I have pushed through paralyzing fear and taken risks so I could experience a better version of myself. I am filled with gratitude to have found my calling and help others do the same.

Credentials + Training

  • Over 15 years of experience in coaching, recruitment, talent development, and leading teams in academic, private, and non-profit organizations

  • Certified in Positive Psychology Health and Wellness Coaching from Wellcoaches, Inc., partnered with Harvard Medical School's Institute of Coaching and the American College of Sports Medicine

  • 5 Dynamics Certified Instructor - Human Performance System for Individuals and Teams

  • Ombudsman Certificate - Conflict Resolution and Coaching

  • BA in Theater Arts, Performance, San Francisco State University

  • Royal Academy of Dance